Thursday, January 24, 2013

$20-$120 IN FAB CREDIT


  1. Sign up a new membership (it’s free!): *CLICK HERE*
  2. Then take this survey to get another $5 free credit for Valentines day
  3. Then take this survey to get another $5 free credit
  4. Go to and send a free $10 Fab gift card to friends, and have them send one back to you!
That’s $20 in free credit you can do yourself! i SENT ONE TO MY HUSBAND AND HE SENT ONE TO ME =) Then, you can get up to $95 free credit and free shipping by telling friends. Here’s how that works:
  1. Refer 10 friends (they don’t have to shop) to get another $30 free credit
  2. Refer 50 friends (they don’t have to shop) to get another $50 free credit and FREE shipping for 2 months!
  3. Refer a friend who shops and get $25 free credit
Just click the underlying words and its a direct link =)

more info
Earn FREE Credit & Free Shipping
You can also earn up to $95 in FREE Credit and get FREE Shipping by sharing FAB with friends! You can earn credit by referring friends who join fab but do nothing else (they don’t have to shop). And, you can earn a bonus if even just one friend does shop!
Here’s how that works:
  • Founding Member: 10 friends have joined. (They don’t have to buy anything) = $30 credit
  • Prime Time Player: 50 friends have joined. Free standard shipping for 2 months
  • VIP Members: 25 friends have joined (don’t have to buy anything) = $50 credit
  • Bonus: $25 credit when friend makes first $25 purchase within 30 days of joining


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